Tuesday, October 6, 2015

something to ponder....

just a little something to ponder a bit... Surrounded by negativity, so much of it all around, No work ethic left, what happened to working hard for what we want? Everyone wants the easy way out, no one wants to work hard, break a sweat, do what it takes to get the job done, no one wants to help each other, anymore, what's happened to society now a days?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What is it really, and how does one do it...let it go?

What is it to really let go, of something or someone? There are times I think I know, then times i am not so sure anymore. What excatly is letting go? Is it the same as forgivness, or something different, and how does one really let go?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be yourself

Be yourself, don't worry about being like someone else, focus on you, strive to be a better you, than you were the day before, you were made as you, not as anyone else, so just be you, be proud of you, don't worry about anyone else, just be you.... (this one isn't finished yet)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

a work in progress...

I started a new writing project, not sure how long it will take; therefore, I do not have an estimate time of completion, but as I near the end and as well before I will keep ya'll updated.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awake I am

Awake I am, Sleep I cannot, I went to sleep at a reasonable hour, I was sleeping well, Then suddenly I am awake, Been on face book, Even counted sheep, Nothing is helping, Maybe I should get up And get on my laptop and do some work, Or maybe I should continue to lay here and.. Toss and turn, Awake I am, sleep I cannot, What is the deal? Thoughts are racing in my head, Some good thoughts and some not so good, Some make sense, and some do not, Kind of like this poem, it does not make any sense, Kind of like why I am awake, Just random thoughts put together to see what happens, To see what I get, This will make for an interesting poem, Typing this from my phone under the app “notes,” So I don’t forget to transfer to a bigger screen, Because after all this might be my masterpiece one day, Though I think not, Snoring next to me, Might be one reason why I am still awake, But certainly not the reason I awoke, Even the dog is asleep, And here I lay awake at 4:02 in the morning, I will probably fall back to sleep in a few minutes, Only to rise again in a few hours, I did some yard work in the heat, earlier in the day, Then went to lunch with the significant other, We took a walk in the park, Only to realize shortly after walking, That it was way too hot, So we went home where it was cooler, Where I almost took a nap, Because I thought I was tired, But only to lay there on the couch, And watch the tube, 4:10 am and still awake, Maybe I will end here and close my eyes, And pretend I am sleepy, Trick myself into falling asleep, Goodnight, or should I say good morning, See you in a few hours because I will Surely be awake and up. By Kristin N. Hurtig ©2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Disease You are like a disease, When you are not there, It feels like you are, Waiting, waiting, To inject your love, Into my blood, You wait until it goes through my veins, When my soul is full of you, You make it so I cannot refuse, I see you, I hear you, Your love cannot die, It runs deep within my veins, It will never die. KNH ©2011

never give up

Never Give Up To give up is to quit, Quitting isn’t an option, Never give up, You can make it, You are strong, I can make it, I am strong, Never give up. I didn’t always think like this, So positive, However, I saw the light, So to speak, Yes! There are still rough days, I want to give up, Just throw in the towel, Although, there is a stronger force than I, Making me remain strong, And never to give up, Be strong, We are stronger than we think, Giving up is not an option, We do not win by giving up, Stay strong, Stay in the game, Until, it is our time to be called up. KNH 2011© revised 2015©