Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be yourself

Be yourself, don't worry about being like someone else, focus on you, strive to be a better you, than you were the day before, you were made as you, not as anyone else, so just be you, be proud of you, don't worry about anyone else, just be you.... (this one isn't finished yet)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

a work in progress...

I started a new writing project, not sure how long it will take; therefore, I do not have an estimate time of completion, but as I near the end and as well before I will keep ya'll updated.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Awake I am

Awake I am, Sleep I cannot, I went to sleep at a reasonable hour, I was sleeping well, Then suddenly I am awake, Been on face book, Even counted sheep, Nothing is helping, Maybe I should get up And get on my laptop and do some work, Or maybe I should continue to lay here and.. Toss and turn, Awake I am, sleep I cannot, What is the deal? Thoughts are racing in my head, Some good thoughts and some not so good, Some make sense, and some do not, Kind of like this poem, it does not make any sense, Kind of like why I am awake, Just random thoughts put together to see what happens, To see what I get, This will make for an interesting poem, Typing this from my phone under the app “notes,” So I don’t forget to transfer to a bigger screen, Because after all this might be my masterpiece one day, Though I think not, Snoring next to me, Might be one reason why I am still awake, But certainly not the reason I awoke, Even the dog is asleep, And here I lay awake at 4:02 in the morning, I will probably fall back to sleep in a few minutes, Only to rise again in a few hours, I did some yard work in the heat, earlier in the day, Then went to lunch with the significant other, We took a walk in the park, Only to realize shortly after walking, That it was way too hot, So we went home where it was cooler, Where I almost took a nap, Because I thought I was tired, But only to lay there on the couch, And watch the tube, 4:10 am and still awake, Maybe I will end here and close my eyes, And pretend I am sleepy, Trick myself into falling asleep, Goodnight, or should I say good morning, See you in a few hours because I will Surely be awake and up. By Kristin N. Hurtig ©2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Disease You are like a disease, When you are not there, It feels like you are, Waiting, waiting, To inject your love, Into my blood, You wait until it goes through my veins, When my soul is full of you, You make it so I cannot refuse, I see you, I hear you, Your love cannot die, It runs deep within my veins, It will never die. KNH ©2011

never give up

Never Give Up To give up is to quit, Quitting isn’t an option, Never give up, You can make it, You are strong, I can make it, I am strong, Never give up. I didn’t always think like this, So positive, However, I saw the light, So to speak, Yes! There are still rough days, I want to give up, Just throw in the towel, Although, there is a stronger force than I, Making me remain strong, And never to give up, Be strong, We are stronger than we think, Giving up is not an option, We do not win by giving up, Stay strong, Stay in the game, Until, it is our time to be called up. KNH 2011© revised 2015©


Life Frustration, beauty, an existential, an antsy, lonely, uncertain, yet delicious, full of struggle, trying to be passionate, thrive and strive, fly without a rerun, using your intuition, trying not to get too exhausted, yet staying faithful and loved, not an easy task, trying to adapt, feeling lost and discombobulated, can make us feel so tired, though we still find the energy, and so eager and full of new innovation, and finding the courage, ignoring the disconnect of others, the flirtations that are among us and try to distract us, our scars are not meant to hurt us, but to remind us and to teach us, sometimes it’s so hard not to be redundant and create new scars, and watch everything unravel into a fuzzy, a confusion of a mess, waiting for the risen, to take place, to trust, and not to divide, be committed and not incoherent or incomparable, but to be sustainable, and humbled, full of hope and feel awake, to feel at peace without, too much frustration, and disruption, again and again, to not be so destructive to oneself, to feel content with yourself, indulge once in awhile, don’t get hysterical, engulf your passion inside of you, take charge, don’t fear change, be all that you can endure and more, visibility of the future, reflection of the past, delight that you are here and alive, without the chaos of others, feel nostalgic at times, don’t think it’s a burden, to feel the sense to gravitate towards truth, and wisdom, honor His love, have personal courage to move forward, chivalry is not dead, sometimes we need a segway, so we don’t become transparent, and gloomy, so we can make progress, it’s the quality, not quantity, make it count, make it ceremonial, make it a savvy one, don’t swindle it away, make it epic, full of rose, use your endurance and then some, persevere through it, be a soldier of it, don’t be constricted, be glorious, satisfied, with the rumbling of more in the pit of your stomach, striving for more, almost euphoric, not a blemish, but an orgasm, we all get into a funk, and sometimes makes us feel sick, but we are surrounded by love, so holler for more longevity, be tenacious, it’s a big, blank canvas, your canvas, no room for miscommunication, in this wide open space, dig deep within your soul, don’t go off on a tangent or do so, it’s yours to do whatever you want, try not to feel drained, feel hopeful instead, feel the overflow, the abundant amount of love, be romantic, care about all the glimmer, let go of the stress, see the beauty, have some redemption, be decisive, uncommon, be joyful, excited, deliberate, evocative, love unconditional, don’t say good-bye, cleanse your soul, entice others, heal shattered hearts, drink bourbon, it can be frantic at times, some may lose a little blood, we may feel undesirable, but be relentless, be quirky, never mind what others may say, its only turbulence, we all have fears of abandonment and distrust, but it is futile, a mute point, it doesn’t matter, cause where we’re going is a place of peace, only in the beginning, we feel insecure, full of procrastination, release the drama, live vigorous, exclusive, with integrity and honor, in remembrance of where we’ve been, without resistance to where we’re going, don’t be sadistic, remember the consequences, clarity of what’s next, remember how it feels to be broken, it would behoove you, rejuvenate, prioritize, have morals, there isn’t much time left, honor your mom, your children, and your spouse, be at peace, we are not finished yet, this is only the narrative, we haven’t reached the conclusion, I know it’s complicated, but hang on, the finale is coming, it’s not bogus, we have botched things up along the way, we are only human, we were born, for a reason, a purpose, feel the hunger, be fierce, not a coward, it’s not a conspiracy, there is no separation, only freedom, hope, faith, therefore, be a witness, don’t be suspicious, drink some coffee, smile, be content and enjoy the waiting, learn from the distressing moments, don’t be overbearing, don’t worry about being unstable, that’s becoming the new “norm”, there will be thunderstorms along the way, and even be a bit congested at times, you might even be betrayed too, but regroup, even be a little arrogant and maybe a little steamy and presumptuous too, don’t let anyone or anything get you down, admire yourself, others too if you so desire, sweat a little, smile, laugh, and most of all breathe, take your time and live, because one day this will be all gone, LIFE. By Kristin N. Hurtig, May 2015©

Saturday, February 21, 2015

She may appear to be strong

she may appear strong, from the naked eye, and she may be strong, stronger than most you might say, although the strong even need to cry, to be held, and told that everything will be okay, the strong tend to believe that they cannot cry, a sign of weakness, or so they believe to be true. She is strong, don't let her fool you, yet, don't mistake it for weakness, when she cries, because that is the last thing she is. She may not show a lot of emotion of despair, but it is there, she just doesn't want to be burden to anyone; although, she knows she is not a burden... She believes she has to be strong all the time, every second, of every day.