Friday, September 9, 2016

I look around (unfinished)

I look around
I see so much, yet so little too,
so much commercializing,
so much focus on the materialistic and vain things,
I look around,
so much judgement,
so much hate,
what gives you the right,
to hate or judge me?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My True Love

Missing you,
Missing one another,
harder than we ever imagined it would be,
especially after our week vacation together,
it was the best week I have ever had,
you made it much more full of joy and love,
I didn't want it to end,
and it doesn't have to, it is just the beginning of our life together,
but I know, we know, that we are meant to be;
I want you by my side the rest of my life,
I've never loved anyone as much as I love you,
I feel it all the way through my body, in my soul,
I feel it pumping through my veins;
this is what true love,
you are my true love,
I know it now;
I am so in love with you, I fall in love with you again and again everyday.

Don't Fear the Hate

go hand in hand;
so much of it, more than ever now,
I thought it would be less as time went on,
I guess I was wrong.
I guess I was ignorant to believe
that hate for human kind would decease;
I will not live my life in fear,
of others ignorance,
I will not stand for their hate,
I will fight to the end for human kindness that we all so deserve;
I stand up,
I will not fear the hate.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

living simply

life is not about things,
its not about having as much as you can get,
happiness for me, is not about money and buying things,
happiness is within, happiness a feeling of contentment with everything in your life,
No, it's not going to be perfect, but it won't matter,
happiness is finding that someone who accepts you  for you, doesn't try changing you, being able to be with someone without technology, and just talk and be with each other.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy and I know it

happy and I know it,
happy and I feel it,
before not so much did I feel it,
life is good,
love is good,
happy and content,
I can finally say it and mean it.
life is what you make of it,
life isn't about material things,
it's not about how much money you can make,
if you have love and give love,
family and friends,
and have faith,
all will be well in your life,
just believe,
love yourself,
love life,
love people, regardless if you don't like them,
love God.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

For Granted (not finished)

For Granted

just a few of the things we take for granted as we get older,
a few things that seem to get harder to accomplish on a day to day basis,
without even thinking about it;

sometimes the best gift we can give someone,
is our time,
our love,
our ears to listen,
our hearts to care,
our hands to hold,
because for some
they feel so alone,
they are alone,
going solo with what time the time they have left.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fading Out

Something new I just wrote/completed. FADING AWAY Fading away, Starts slowly, One day I was in my own home, The next I was in another, I could only bring a few of my things, It progresses, ever so quickly; I am a young soul Trapped in a tired body, You listen to me as I tell my story, you listen so intently, intrigued by what I have to tell. Back to the beginning, Back in time, It’s my reality, Then in an instant, I’m snapped back into your reality Is it so wrong to let me be in my own reality for a little while? The faces, Nothing there, just a blank stare, As they talk to me, Asking me twenty questions, Just so I can remember, I don’t understand, They don’t understand, I get so confused as each day gets closer, I think it hurts them more to see me like this, For some they can’t let go, they won’t let go, In denial that I am disappearing, All I want is to rest, to be comfortable, All I ask is for you to be there, to be patient, While I am are nearing the end, As everyone else I know, has already left, I am all alone, So I ask again, will you stay by my side, Until I am through here, I am not the same as I once was, That person is gone, I cannot remember. I am a child again, so it seems, All I ask is, don’t get mad at me, To be patient with me, To remember me as I was once was, the real me, Even though, I cannot remember you I am losing my mind, or so it feels that way, Not remembering anything, not even where I am; Frustrated, Tired and alone most of the time, Loss of my independence, Trying not to be a burden Fading away, Fading into the shadows, Into darkness, Sometimes all alone, Sometimes with someone by my side, Fading away A sad way to go, Losing control, Losing your mind, Losing your independence, Disappearing, into the darkness, Fading out…