Sunday, December 3, 2017


The transformation begins with us,
the transformation is what I am becoming, not what I do or did,
it is a process, metamorphosis; the caterpillar and the butterfly.

The unexpected is where it's at,
we don't ask the right questions, mainly because we don't know what to ask, and scared of the pain and hurt that may or may not follow;
Without the pain we will not grow, we can't move forward,
we cannot truly live.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Less or More

Taking a job for less money and be happy, or take a job for more money and be miserable?
That is the question of the day in America. The sad fact is that the majority of people would pick the more money job to be miserable, just because they think they will have more money. What good is having more money if you are miserable? Usually with a job you hate, usually means you will not be happy with anything to enjoy life. Though on the other hand if you have a job you love, but make less money, you will enjoy life more and others will want to be around you. Yeah, you make less, and most of your paycheck goes to your bills, but oh well, life is too short not to do what you love and not to be happy.
I always though making more would make me happy cause I'd be out of debt, but thats not the case, I want to have a job that makes me feel good inside, even if I am making less. As it may, I took a pay cut recently, I loved what I did, just not the environment I was in; therefore, I changed environments and learned something else for awhile, taking a pay cut. Guess what, I'm happier. I will always have bills, and always have debt; therefore, no worries anymore, enjoying life and doing things I want to do. Having faith, and trust in God to have my back and handle things.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pain Exists, always will

we have pain,
no way around it,
pain happens,
we don't think of the positive, only the negative,
whats on the other side of the pain?

time to think positive,
time to live, not just survive,
healing is a process,
there is no healed,
sorry to burst your bubble,
it's just reality;
therefore, we have a choice,
to take each day that is given to us,
make the best of it,
survive each day,
though make it a goal to Live,
not just Survive.

Pain exists,
always will,
get over it,
deal with it,
survive it,
live it!

Finished product

"Surviving Grief"

Finally finished next book (chapbook). Next step print and sell. Self publishing it this time.

will keep y'all posted when its ready for sale.

Friday, May 12, 2017

I'm Ready

I'm ready,
to live again,
I've been ready,
Life has been good,
it's been hard, but I survived;
I'm happy,
I'm doing well,
content with what I have, it doesn't mean I don't want more,
it just means I am content right now,
I could die happy right now;
Everything that has happened, happened for a reason,
in the time that it was supposed to happen,
it might not have been the time I would have chosen,
though it was the right time, I  suppose.
I am strong,
I am a survivor,
I do not like to quit,
this I do know;
learning to crawl, then walk, and then run,
it's all a process.
I'm ready to continue on this journey,
I am not alone.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


you're in my head,
always will,
I do not mind that you're in there,
in my head,
now and always
in my head.
I know you're there,
I can hear you,
I know you,
I can feel you,
I just can't see you,
help me remember;
is there a way?

Where did I put that?

Where did I put that?
I know it's here somewhere,
I must have just thrown it down, in a hurry;
forgetting where I put my keys,
forgetting where I put my glasses;
I will never forget that I love you, or that you love me,
I may not be able to express it any longer,
but only because i don't have the ability to;
therefore, don't  forget me,
don't forget that I love you.
I remember you today,
I may remember you tomorrow,
I may remember in a month,
I may forget at some moment in time,
when I do, if I do,
remember  I am still there, somewhere inside,
I just can't  me anymore,
I may need a little help,
don't let me stray,
if I have drifted back to the beginning,
let me drift, tho bring me back, until I won't  come back anymore...then
let me stay there, because I'll be going home soon from there...