Friday, June 8, 2018

thirty years ago...

thirty years ago we were together
so young and naive
not really knowing what direction we were going
we had some idea, but it was still a bit unclear
we were excited and scared at the same time
some of us didn't want to say goodbye
so they didn't, instead they said "see you later"
those years
are supposed to be some of our best times in our lives
for some that rang true, although for some
not so much
getting together after thirty years
some are choose not to
some do not have a choice they cannot be there
although they are in are memories and hearts
thirty years ago
how fast it went
yet creeped by at times as well
it was a decent time for me
I cannot complain too much
so I won't, everything happens for a reason
therefore, I wouldn't change a thing
it all lead me to where I am today
and I am still moving forward
thirty years ago...

A wedding kiss

a wedding kiss
a symbol of true love
everlasting love
a vow all on its own
a vow that will not
cannot be broken.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A true love story

I married my best friend
she makes me so happy
I am looking forward to the future with her
making out dreams come true
enjoying the simple life together
loving one another unconditionally
for the rest of our lives
being there for one another
in sickness and health
richer or poorer
good times or bad
dinner at the kitchen table
conversations without the cellphones
fire pits in the evenings
taking walks, holding hands
a simple kiss throughout the day
a true love story. 

We are in control

We start out in life with dreams and goals for our lives, we try and try to make those come true, but eventually we just give up because we keep failing and it gets frustrating; therefore, we just stop trying and settle for whatever and wherever we are doing at that time. We come to accept it.
Years go by, relationships come and go, jobs, and moving different places; realizing we have been running, running away trying to find happiness in others, in places, then we find out that happiness is within.
We begin to do some "soul searching" for a few years, just us alone, no one else around.
realizing your dreams again, wanting to try again to make them reality and this time not giving up so easily.
We are in control of our destiny,
we are in control of our lives,
we are to blame if it fails,
if we want success then we need to make it happen;
there will be failures along the way,
life happens, with success comes failures,
we will have pain
we cannot move forward without pain
we learn from failures.
It is up you,
no one else,
take the reins and run with your life.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


something sacred
true to the heart
life doesn't stop there
it still requires fighting for
the bliss will fade
thats why you need to keep it alive
keep the ambers burning
the marriage will fail
if you don't work for it
fight for it
remember the passion
show the love
it's the simple things
not the fancy
whisper those sweet words
pick some flowers
take those walks
always say "I love you"
never go to bed angry
always kiss good morning
as well as goodnight
don't have to do it alone anymore
being there for one another
picking up the pieces
sharing the load
never giving up

be kind
be humble
enjoy life
life is too short
love the one you want
love hard
love forever
don't let them go
fight for your the love

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

love is love

love is love
why can't it be seen as just that?
don't  hate what you don't understand
this issue shouldn't be an issue
at this time and age
years and years of hate of different
groups of people
we're still struggling with such ignorance and hate
a sad world we live in
to think I fought and served
for this country
for all the ignorant hateful folks that occupy it
love is love
we are not going anywhere
we are strong
we are survivors we are
we will not stand for the ignorance no more